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Mr. Thomas Ruark  

  Teacher of the greatest students in all of the land! 


5th Grade Math 


 Math Stuff: 

There will NOT be Home Learning this week. 

Home Learning  will  NOT appear in the "Related Files" located at the bottom of the main math page (in case Rover eats the first copy). Just click on "Math" on the left hand tab, and then scroll all the way to the bottom. Please bring your home learning with you every day to class.

If you ever need information about HL, please email me. 

At some point early in the summer, I would highly recommend looking over all of the 6th grade standards and the sample items listed under each standard. To see these math standards for 6th grade, please visit the site listed below:


If you wish to see the format of the "New FCAT", you can visit www.fsassessments.org  . You can click on the "Students and Parents" tab. Then, you can click on the "Training Tests" tab. You can select a grade level and test and sign on as a guest (you actually do not have to put anything into the fields as "guest" is pre-entered). The 5th grade math test is 22 questions long, and it showcases the new question formats. Be prepared for a shock as the test is pretty wicked hard.  

The Week at a Glance: 






We still have some learners that are struggling with automaticity of basic facts. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) recommends a maximum of 3-4 seconds per fact. I urge you to have your kiddo get on www.reflexmath.com and do some serious practice if they need it. I would ask for about 15 minutes of work each day to see if we can build some fluency. All students should have the log-on information glued into their planner.



Please bring a pen, your Interactive Math Journal, your homework and two sharpened pencils each day! The Interactive Math Journal is extremely important to have with you, and it is super important to complete the Interactive Math Journal entries each day!

Some work to do at home?

This is REEAAALLLYYY important!

You can study the 15 basic multiplication facts! This assumes that you know all of your 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, and doubles (like 8 x 8 = 64...6 x 6 =36). When you read "know" that means like instantly, kind of like you know how to breathe. So, you can study the facts that are not in the list as well if you need to.

So, 15 Facts Coming Right At You:

9x8 9x7 9x6 9x4 9x3

8x7 8x6 8x4 8x3

7x6 7x4 7x3

6x4 6x3





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