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Welcome to 5th Grade Science Class 2016-2017

Chets Creek Elementary: Where the adventure begins!

    May 29 - June 2
    36 Week

"Our Great Adventure!"

PLEASE NOTE: May Birthdays: Jazmin Horton, Madison Thornton, and Aoi Kanekiyo. If your child would like to bring in a treat to celebrate his or her Birthday please contact your Homeroom Teacher:o)

PLEASE NOTE: Can you believe our year together has come to an end? I'd like to thank you all for your support this year. It has been my honor to teach your child and I wish them all the very best next year in middle school:o)

PLEASE NOTE: IMPORTANT REMINDERS for our Guests, All CHAPERONES must have a current CCE volunteer badge to join us on any field trip.

  • All parents, volunteers, and visitors must enter and exit the school through the front doors only:o)
  • All parents, volunteers, and visitors must check in at the front desk in the lobby to present either a current CCE volunteer badge or have their Driver's license scanned for a Visitor's sticker. The badge or sticker must be worn at all times when on our campus :o)

Thank you for your help in continuing to make our school safe and inviting for all :o)

Our Schedule for the week of May 29 - June 2

Monday 5/29
  • No school - Memorial Day

Tuesday 5/30
  • Awards Ceremony 9:00
  • Pizza lunch 11:30
  • Field Day 12:30
  • OMC 2:00

Wednesday 5/31 Early Release
  • Flag Retirement
  • Dissecting Frogs

Thursday 6/1

  • Health lessons

Friday 6/2
  • Yearbook signing
  • Clap out

Dates to Remember:

  • May 29 NO SCHOOL Memorial Day
  • May 30 Final Award Ceremony 9:15 am 
  • June 2 Last Day of School-Clap Out 11:30 am

Science Dictionary Vocabulary:

Chapter 1: Practice of Science - balance, centimeters (cm), graduated cylinder, hand lens, liters (L), mass, meniscus, milliliter (mL), observation, safety goggles, spring scale, stopwatch (timer), temperature, testable question, thermometer, volume, zero or calibrate a balance, accurate, appropriate, data, fact, interpret, measure, opinion, predict, support, various

Chapter 2: The Solar System - asteroid belt, asteroids, atmosphere, comets, dust, dwarf planet, emit, galaxy, gas, Hubble Telescope, inner planets, meteorites, meteoroid, meteors, Milky Way, moons, orbit, outer planets, space probe, star, telescope, universe, arm, belt, bulging, centimeters (cm), characteristics, compare, composition, contrast, diameter, elliptical, enormous, irregular, kilometers, meters (m), millimeters (mm), model, oval, pattern, presence, properties, rings, spiral, surface, times (greater), volume           

Chapter 3 & 4: Water on Earth & Weather and Climate - air (barometric) pressure, air temperature, anemometer, aquifer, arctic, atmosphere, barometer, cirrus cloud, climate zone, condensation, coniferous, cumulonimbus cloud, cumulus cloud, deciduous, desert, elevation, evaporation, fog, gas, glaciers, grassland, ground water, hail, humidity, hygrometer, latitude, liquid, longitude, phase, polar, precipitation, precipitation, rain, rain gauge, reservoir, runoff, savannah, shoreline, sleet, snow, solid, state, stratus cloud, temperate, tropical, tundra, water reservoirs, water vapor, water cycle, wetland, wind gauge, wind speed, and wind vane, analyze, arctic ocean, bodies, direction, distinguish, east, factors, infer, layers, model, north, particle, patterns, predict, proximity, south, various, weather, west

Chapter 5: Properties of Matter - atom, chemical change, dissolve, gas, liquid, magnet, mass, matter, mixture, observation, physical change, solid, solution, state, stirring, substance, surface area, temperature, testable, texture, thermometer, trial, variable, volume, affect, affected, bulb, change, chart, color, composition, cube, data, evidence, filter, lost, observable, procedure, process, properties, property, replicable, replicate

Chapter 6: Energy - absorb, attract, attraction, bend (refract), chemical energy, circuit, conductor, electrical charge, electrical energy, energy, energy of motion, energy of position, heat, heat energy, insulator, light, loudness, mechanical energy, negative, pitch, positive, reflect, reflection, repel, repulsion, sound, source of energy, static electricity, stored energy, vibrate, vibration, behavior, bend, charge, contact, difference, faster, greater than, less than, material, motion, pluck, slower, source, uncharged

Chapter 7: Forces and Motion - acceleration, balanced, combined force, contact force, force, friction, gravity, inertia, net force, non-contact force, uniform motion

Chapter 8: Structure and Function - bladder, brain, circulatory system, diaphragm, digestive system, excretory system, exoskeleton, heart, intestines, kidneys, lungs, muscles, muscular system, nervous system, organ, respiratory system, skeletal system, skeleton, skin, stomach, system, tissue, trachea

Chapter 9: Diversity - adaptation, competition, environment, extinct species, habitat, natural selection, succession

5th Grade Science Big Ideas:

Big Idea 1: The Practice of Science

Big Idea 2: The Characteristics of Science Knowledge

Big Idea 5: Earth in Space and Time

Big Idea 7: Earth Systems and Patterns

Big Idea 8: Properties of Matter

Big Idea 9: Change in Matter

Big Idea 10: Forms of Energy

Big Idea 11: Energy Transfer and Transformation

Big Idea 13: Forces and Changes in Motion

Big Idea 15: Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms

Big Idea 17: Interdependence 

PLANNER PHRASE OF THE WEEK: Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Please know that I would love to hear from you ~ 

email me at swidorskyc@duvalschools.org or call me at 992-6390 X 2006. 

Thank you for all your help and/or support to help make this a wonderful year:o)

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